Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lego'lized your photos

ah... lego, good old memories for most of the people, and some still have lego and I know some people has die-hard fans of lego and they have at-least one set of sophisticated lego set of their home/room. Sophisticated means it has programming circuits and motors that you have program it to do with the battery power.

Some of the previous posts that featured hi-tech lego:

Okay, I am way too off the topic, I want to introduce you to this website that can lego'lized your photos, you can use you photos uploaded on web, you just need to give the link. Or if you don't have photo on web, it provide another website for you to upload it first before you lego'lized your photos.

I tried with one of the photo in this blog, and it looks okay. I think it is better on words or logo, not picture or people photos, unless it is a simple one.
This is the one I have tried:

You can download the lego'lized photos, here is my sample:

It can even tell you how many lego bricks that you need to build that lego'lized photo, and down to detail of the color of the lego bricks. In my example it tell me this:
125 bricks x 104 bricks
100 cm x 99.84 cm

You can also edit it before save it out. This is really cool, because you can adjust the lego'lized photo to suite your need.

Anyway, have fun making lego'lized photos or I should say "brickify":

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