Sunday, February 3, 2013

[free apps] Floating Stickies

I always like stickies since high school time, it helps to remind me of project due dates, what should I focus on, what are the homework. of course that time that stickies is the real papers. It save money, I recycled papers that I collected from PC fair, at that time you can get whole stack of papers just take around at the PC fair, most of them just being print on one side, so I get to use the other side.

When I start working, stickies still a great tool for me. There are a few stickies program for Windows XP. First version of Windows 7 come with a gadget that is exactly a stickies, however Microsoft removed it on sub-sequence version of Windows 7. Now with almost everyone on smartphone, there should be stickies for smartphone right?

Wrong, of all the stickies (Android, iOS, and others), stickies has to works within that apps itself, there is not way to take a note on stickies while looking at other apps (browsers, emails, sms, etc). Unless you have Galaxy S 3 or Note 2 that have multiple windows function, you have to do these:
1. You remember the numbers or words, then close the apps, open stickies and write it on stickies. Oh-no, what was the last digit? Okay, you have to open the apps just now and repeat the steps.
2. Write it on a piece of papers and then write it back to the stickies apps. Sigh.
3. Print screen.

Now I found the real stickies on XDA forum. It works just like the one on Windows. It is called Floating Stickies.
You can dock it to side of the screen, as well as resize it. I like it!

Watch the demo video, I am installing this apps now!

Since it supports Android 2.1 and above, majority of Android users can install and use it!

I have a quick check on iTunes, no iOS apps works like this one. Take that Apple fan boys, muahahahaha.

Get it from Google Play:

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source: XDA

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