Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Apple iPad - hot hot hot

I can't help it, this is too funny. I found a chine website making fun of iPad. The stuffs they making fun should be available (or originate) else where, but I am too lazy to find them out. I will just translate them here.

The pre- and current-live of iPad:

Cost of iPad:
This is the chart of cost of making each iPad. This is a knows secret what...... Most of the cost not coming from R&D or producing the product.

Pre-life of iPad:
Actually pre-life of Apple has connection with ancient Chinese empire. The Qin Empire already using Apple's product. They also brought their Apply product into Qin Emperor's tomb to avoid boredom for thousands of years.

iPod Fans:
True fans of iPoad

iPad this life:
iPad is originated by the design of using 4 iPhone, but somehow iPad still can't multitask. (why? why? why?)

The trend:
If iPad is the bigger iPhone, then this year Mac book should bring you the same surprise? See prove below
Big empire:
Chinese like anything that is big. But we don't know that old Steve also like it too. From iPhone to iPad is just the beginning. Slowly we will notice the "taller than you" iWall and then the "taller than Lady Liberty " iMountain.

Original intention:
Okay okay, lets not do too much assumption on future of iPad. Actually we are requesting to remove the keyboard on the Macbook, that is! But how on the earth it become a big fat ugly iPhone (can't make phone call also)?
iPad real application:
Because of big screen of iPad will break easily. Use it on bed also will scare of dropping it. So an mechanical hand is very important. Human will become big fat lazy bum eventually.

iPad real application 2:
The big fat screen looks like a induction cooker. Good for student use for steamboat.

Dunno how to explain. Never mind. :P

p/s: I just chui sui only la......

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