Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The birth of iPad and it's mission

The legendary of iPad
Remember fairy tale "Snow White"? There was hint of how apple will affect the world......
Can't live without it?
We all grow up with fairy tale, so we believe the magic of apple. At the end, will we be iBroke?
iPad unveil - 6 boxes of manga:
1. People can't wait for it
2. Huh? what is that?
3. Announce the price, where is the people? HAHAHA

Comparison between iPad and Netbook:
Old Steve said "The problem is, netbooks aren't better than ANYTHING". But looking at the chart below, I still think iPad still closer to Ten Commandments.

iPad production:
See how iPad being make. First, take an iPhone, then roll it over with street roller. Alright! big fat iPad.The problem here is the flatten iPhone looks more elegant, but the icons very confusing.

With the introduction of iPad, we would think iPhone should be retire. However iPhone should be rename to keep it alive. Let's name it iPad Nano. The advantage of iPad Nano is it can put into your pocket and it can make phone call! So what is the advantage of iPad then?

Anyway, old Steve always bring us great product. So he should looks like this:

Finally, with iPad starting from $499 to infinite, there is a lot of Benjamin Franklin for old Steve/Apple.
Summary of summary:
This is the end of 3 posting of iPad jokes (I hope!). People still going to line up to buy it. Who care about iBroke? You can take along your iPad down the street and pretend to make a phone call by putting it near to your ear. Other people still will "wow" at you!

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