Thursday, February 11, 2010

Still remember the resistor color code?

I bought a power adapter last month to power an air ionizer. This air ionizer was used on mum's old car, now the car mainly sit still. So I figure if I could use the ionizer in my room, I can save some money not to buy a new air ionizer. I bought the power adapter from a HongKong online shop.

This is the power adapter I bought:

Unfortunately, as expected the quality of this power adapter not so good, after a week or two, it stop functioning. Opening it up and the only thing that does not looks right is a resistor that has part of it's skin come out. I think that should be the one that got burned. So my next step is to replace the resistor, but somehow I couldn't remember this resistor color code that I was so proud of during uni time.
So go to google:

Going to buy that resistor and fix that power adaptor. But I still have the old soldering iron to dig out, it should be somewhere in the house, but just couldn't remember where is it......

See also the google ads for superbowl:

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