Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How to post blog post in later date and time in Blogger

1. Sign into your blogger account, usually it will take you to dashboard.
2. Click "New post" and start writing your blog post as usual.
3. Remember to click "Save Now" from time to time to avoid your post lose in nowhere because internet connection or pc/laptop/mac/phone problem.
4. Before press "Publish Post" button, click on "Post Options" on the bottom left of the box where you compose the post.
5. Change the date and time on the boxes below "Post date and time" to the date/time that you want this post to be publish. (You can also choose to allow reader comments or not).
6. After you finish set the date and time, click "Publish Post".
7. Then it will go to the list of blog post, the post that you write just now will have "scheduled" word next to it indicating it haven't being publish yet.


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