Monday, March 15, 2010

Your surname/last name/family name is invalid!

I was Formula1 (F1) fan some time back, recently few years was very boring, super boring (prove: I fall asleep for a few times while watching it, okay?). This year with some rules changed, I would think it will be exciting again. Anyway, I always keep up with the development with F1 by subscribe to F1 official website. I received email from the website during weekend that ask me to re-register for news update and/or live timing access for 2010 season. So here I go to the register page.

Okay, fill up first name, it check for validity, okay, normal. Next fill up last name, what? My last name is invalid? I have been using my last name since my birth, now you tell me it is invalid?

Okay, I tried other name then. HoHo is valid, huh is valid, even number is valid! And Monkey for first name is valid!

For your information, there are a lot of surname/last name/family name with 2 letters only, see google answers.

Harlo, F1 website IT, please fix this!

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