Friday, January 28, 2011

More digital books than paperback books

You heard it right. Amazon now is reporting selling more digital books (on kindle) than paperback books. I have a friend show me his kindle that he asked another friend to buy from US. The kindle not only can read the digital format from Amazon, it also reads pdf and a lot of photo formats, of course no color.

Some China companies are working on color kind of kindle, so I would think that is the next step, no more papers, just digital format, anywhere, anytime.

Nowadays I have been reading a lot of Chinese novels on my old HTC Touch Elfin. This smartphone is not in Chinese, but in English version, but after some sort of hacking (from googling around of course!), I can read Chinese text, nicely. HEHE.

How about you? Have you been reading more digital books than paperback books lately? Let me know. :)

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