Saturday, June 16, 2012

(Almost) Shopping with Lazada (Social Media Failed)

If you are surfing internet from Malaysia, you probably have noticed lately that almost all the Google Ads you seen on all websites, including international websites, are Lazada ads (ladies might seen Zalora, the online fashion site, under same company with Lazada). Lazada and Zalora are new Amazon clone that started by Samwer Brothers from German. Samwer Brothers operating model (I heard only ya) has always been clone famous online business from US and implement on other countries that don't have the similar online business. So they has been very successful.

With the all-in effort (seems like) in Malaysia by Lazada, I think a lot of Malaysian knows about it by now. And the price are very competitive, well, at least for the smartphones that I am looking for recently. I was almost wanted to order for Samsung Galaxy S 2 because after discount and voucher, it is selling at RM1169 (~US$368) only! My friend has bought the very same phone at shop for RM1550 (~US$488) few weeks ago. That is RM381 or more than US$100 cheaper at Lazada.

However after some research (Google, what else?), there is a little bad comment on the internet or forum (including Cari and Lowyat which are the mostly use forum in Malaysia), except Lazada Philippines which was being complained about the bad services. So I was getting a bit worry.

Then I found FB page of Lazada Malaysia. There are mixed comments with bad ones appear more than the good ones. Just now I found the best (worst) comments. I think that person is very frustrated, therefore he posted about 6 or 7 of same comment on the FB page. However when I want to take a snapshot of it, it left one only, the rest probably being deleted by the page admin.

Lazada FB page comment on Outdated Penang Uncle blogspot dot com

Checking other comment, some are left without any response for days. And I (almost) decided not to buy from this website, because I don't want to get too much trouble just to save a few hundreds. If there is any problem, the money should be able to return to me, but the troubles and worries is not worth of the money that I might be saved.

In the summary, if you want to have a FB page of your business, make sure there is one person who properly manage it. FB page can be your biggest helper or bigger loser for your business. Well, Lazada is not making profit out of me, for now. :)

Update: Jul 2, 2012 - looks like there are more and more frustrated customers on Lazada's facebook page.
Lazada failed on Outdated Penang Uncle blogspot dot com

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