Saturday, June 30, 2012

Find The Best Smartphone: bias or without?

How to choose the best smartphone? By instinct? By talking to friends and family? By asking the salesman? By reading reviews on the internet? Yes, I did all that, but I still haven't made the decision yet. Until few days ago I stumble (is this an outdated term? :P ), I saw this website that do all the comparisons for us. will do the data-driven comparisons for business and finance services, child care to adoption agencies, bicycles to guns, air tickets to hostels, and various consumers electronics including smartphones. So I give a try on the smartphone department.

I am looking for a mid-range smartphone. Probably around RM 1000 to RM 1500 (~US$313 to US$469). Has to be an Android (iPhone is out the range because the pricing). And ICS upgradable, the best is ICS out of the box. So I nailed down to a few, too bad the website don't have Samsung Galaxy S Advance, could because it is not sold at US. Anyway, Samsung Galaxy S 2 vs a few within the price range that I mentioned just now. And I get this:


Looks like Samsung Galaxy S 2 has the highest score even though HTC One V and all 3 Sony Xperia are one year newer than Samsung Galaxy S 2.

One thing I noticed while using is it said that they are unbiased, data-driven comparisons, however the data are based on reviews from the internet, so it might not always as reliable as we thought. A lot of websites nowadays are being paid by the manufacturers to promote their products. Example iPhone 4 S is 1 point better than Samsung Galaxy S 2 even though so many aspect are worse than Samsung Galaxy S 2.

HTC One series are in bad score. I wonder why Samsung Galaxy S 3 ended up at lower score.

At the end of the day, it is still back to us to make up own decisions. Reviews and advices are still for reference only. Good luck to me for finding my next smartphone. :)

Here is the Find The Best smartphone department:

And this is the Find The Best main page:

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