Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Ultimate Boss Key or Boss Mode

Many of us works in office or factory or lab or whatever place, except at home. Some of the time we like to check FB status of friends, wish friends happy birthday, or do some online banking such as transfer money and pay credit card and bills. Or maybe just watching a funny youtube video that your friend sent you the link a moment ago.
And we wish that no one would appear suddenly at our back and see whatever we are doing on the laptop or desktop or workstation.

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Usually we will try to minimize the windows by clicking the minimize icon on top right of the windows using mouse, but that might be too late to hide whatever you are doing. Some web browser such as Maxthon has boss key or boss mode that you can immediately hide the Maxthon from the taskbar. But how about other web browser or windows? Sure you can use Windows+m to minimize everything, but what if your boss need you to show him some result on some windows or excel or VNC, the Windows' Aero Peek would exposed whatever you were doing because Windows+m does not hide windows from taskbar.

Clicky Gone can help in this situation. After you download it and install/unzip it, you can either use the default shortcut key or customized your own combination. Practice the shortcut key for a few times and you are good to go.

Another good thing about Clicky Gone is you can mute the computer sound for Boss Mode. Therefore your boss will not able to notice if you were on youtube. :P

Actually Clicky Gone is not written for the intention of hiding stuffs from boss, but it helps to hide windows that you are not sure at the moment, make your windows cleaner and easier to work.

Another thing I can think of is during presentation. You can hide most of the windows and leave the powerpoint and a few windows that are needed during the presentation. After you finish the presentation and go back at home, you can bring back others windows back, without need to reopen everything all over again. :)

To download Clicky Gone, go to this link:

Clicky Gone also available in portable version

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