Sunday, April 14, 2013

How to determine Quality of Android Apps

For those that would prefer not to be too risky with Android Apps, this post is for you.

Even though I subscribed to news from XDA, there are a lot more apps that being posted at many more forum. I would like to try them out, but would not like to mess up with my SGS2.

Usually I would like to try new apps on my SGS2, however I have a set of rules to determine should I try the apps or not.

1. If you are getting an apps from other forums, check on Google Play first if there is free version available. Google Play is the trusted source of apps or apk. There are trusted forums, but we cannot confirm all the posted apk are safe.

2. Second point for consideration is to look at "Average rating". Unless I am very interested with the apps, I will just skip anything that is less than 4.0 rating.

3. The third one to look at is "User Reviews". There are reasons why user would give a 1 star or 2 star.

4. The forth one that always make or break is how many percent of users gave 1 star out of total users that gave review. Example for this apps, there is about 19.9% users gave 1 star! This is one of the apps we should avoid!

I have listed out the steps for searching quality Android apps, hope that you can have a reference to find your favourite apps. :-)

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