Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Build your Chinese Website for free

It is like Geocity all over again. But this time at China.
Opps... Some might not know what is Geocity, you can read the history at this link at Wiki.

Anyway, back to this free Chinese Website,
One big drawback that it is in Chinese only, Simplify Chinese to be exact. So for those in Hong Kong and Taiwan and other part of the world that not so used to Simplify Chinese, it would be a bit hard to use also.

Lets talk about the advantages:
1. Lots of template to choose, well, not as many as blogger and wordpress.
2. Can change to your preferred name, like, but just one time only.
3. Have forum template, for those who wish to create a forum, it will be an easy job, just pick the template, do some mod and ready to launch your forum.
4. Sufficient plugins, enough for most of us. :)
5. Customization of website is WYSIWYG.

Other disadvantages [and workaround which I recommend in square bracket and italic font]:
1. Limited to 2 website to build for each user. [use another email to register :P ]
2. It is in Chinese only, remember? :)

I hope will continue provide the free service for many year ahead, don't end up like Geocities please.

Here is the link:

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