Friday, August 26, 2011

What if Web Browser were celebrities

Running a series sometime can be very boring. So to break away from rare keyboard layout series for temporary, I found an interesting infograph regarding web browser. I had run a series of rare browsers last year, click this link to see them.

I use a few web browsers everyday. Here is the list in usage chronology:
1. I use FireFox the most, I tried to move to Chrome some time back, but seem likes Chrome does not fit into my need yet. I like Firefox because of the add-on, but there is one add-on the FireFox don't have but Chrome has, that is Angry Birds! I am using FF5 btw.
2. The second most browser that I use is Chrome, part of it is Angry Birds add-on or Chrome apps to be exact. Another one is the Anti-like apps for Chrome, which I use it to view those pages that locked with Facebook like button, why do we need to like it first before we can read it?
3. The third one has to be IE, duh. I have to use IE in the company that I work with because some in-house tools still need IE.
4. No.4 should be Rockmelt, because of Facebook. Boy, I am so hardworking, coz I seldom login to Facebook. :P
5. Safari is No.5, because I use it just because I feel that I want to use it. But somehow I don't have that feeling a lot. Hence it is at No.5. :D

Okay, now to relate the web browser with celebrity. I like the last one, which is Keanu Reeves. And yes, Samuel Jackson is seems everywhere. :D
Click on the image to see it in full size.

Have a nice day!

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Anonymous said...

Agree that Firefox rocks! the new Firefox has better performance bump that the previous versions.
Plus, i like the App tabs. It pins those tabs much smarter than Chrome. checking url so you dont get yank out and also stopping you from accidentally closing those app tabs.

ahsiang said...

@Fleapy, glad that you also like FireFox. :)

Anonymous said...

Well.. can't leave the useful add ons like Firebug, HTTP Live Header.. Chrome will catch up at some point in time.. but for now i am still sticking to Firefox. The Chrome Canary seems to be offering plenty of features everyday, but ofcourse with the cost of instability..

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