Monday, August 22, 2011

Take control of Gmail inbox

Monday again. If you don't check email on weekend, usually you will get lots (tons for some people) of emails inside your inbox, update emails from Facebook, Groupons and some other websites/blogs that you subscribe to. But how do you organize them?
Usually we heard of 4D (sorry, not 4D numbers gambling in Malaysia, Singapore and some other countries :P)
1. Delete it
2. Delicate it
3. Do it
4. Defer it

But how do we sure this is really working? To help with that, TaskForce can help you to do more with this 4D, for Gmail specifically. Not sure has it is working for other web-based email like yahoo mail, or hotmail though.

Basically TaskForce help us to convert emails into tasks, so that we can save time and stay organized.

Here is how:
1. Install the add-on on FireFox or Safari or Chrome (and RockMelt).
2. Restart the browser.
3. Log-in to Gmail.
4. TaskForce converts emails to tasks and clear the inbox.
5. And then you can delay tasks that you can deal with them later.

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source: I wrote this!

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