Sunday, August 21, 2011

WP7 app: malaysiakini news reader

A member of XDA community, shawchyn wrote an useful WP7 app that can read malaysiakini news.  At version now, here is what the app has to offer:

Malaysiakini is unique in the Malaysian context as it is one of the few independent media organisations in Malaysia. It is not linked to any political party or commercial interest. Malaysiakini news reader for WP7 (mkapp7) make reader life easier on Windows Phone platform.

mkapp7 news reader features :
- This reader provides articles feed from News, Columns and Letters sections.
- This reader feeds contents from English, Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia version of malaysiakini website.
- Provide login to view complete contents for subscriber.
- User can save their favourite articles into their collection.
- Share your favorite articles via email the links to your friends.
- Automatic update articles feed from source.
- Simple and easy UI.
- Data Service Required.

For more detail go to this link:

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