Thursday, August 25, 2011

Steve Jobs resign from Apple

Steve Jobs have resign from Apple today. What is that mean?

He is an icon, in fact, Steve is Apple and Apple is Steve. Just like tablet is iPad as the world know it. Actually it was Intel and Microsoft and some other PC manufacturers that invented tablet, but Steve made tablet become iPad or iPad replacing tablet? Whatever.

Apple's share price didn't went down just like the recent world wide share market crash, because the company still earn a heck of money every hour every minute because iPhone, iPad and iPod. Anyway, lets see how the world accept upcoming Apple products, the one in the queue is iPhone5 (September maybe?) and iPad3 (2012?). I think people would still buy these products, because these still came from Steve, but not sure about products that come out not from Steve's idea. Remember Apple sucks big time after the board of directors fired Steve from the company he founded? And Apple come back big time after Steve came back to the company.

It is like Star Wars without Darth Vader, it will be super boring without him.

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