Friday, August 12, 2011

How to play game in office without being noticed

First of all, you should not be playing game at office.
Secondly, your boss will notice when you play game. Or some co-workers would report to your boss.
But now, without anyone noticing, in fact your boss and co-workers would think you are more productive than before. How you might ask. Here is how:
go to this website

There are 4 game at this website:

1. Crash planning - which looks like an Excel spreadsheet of weekly planning. Just rearrange 3 or more same block together to remove the blocks [remember ZooKeeper?].

2. Breakdown - which looks like you are writing on a report or reading/reviewing a report on Word but actually you are playing Arkanoid. :)

3. Leadership - which looks like you are analyzing graph charts but actually you are playing Moon landing Game. :P

4. Cost cutter - which looks like are you analyzing bar charts but actually you are playing game similar to Collapse game. :D

Flash required, so for iOS users please use browsers that support flash.

Hope you able to relax with the game and don't tell others in your office so that everyone think that you are super hard working! :)

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Unknown said...

haha..nice tips, thanks
vsit me here

ahsiang said...

@Marts, thanks. I have visited you back. :)

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