Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Quick Settings like the Android 4.2 feature

Problem with smartphone is there is no way to upgrade the hardware. Okay, the only way is to buy a new smartphone. Or get a bigger microSD card, but only if it support it. Therefore I would never buy iPhone, except you give me a free one, hahah.

The best thing about Android (and Windows Mobile, yes, the dinosaur mobile OS) is customization. All you need to do is search in Android forum such as XDA and you will find something very useful to make your Android has a good feel.

So if your phone is confirmed not getting Jelly Bean (Android 4.1), but you would like to have a good stuffs of Jelly Bean, this app might be one of them you can add to your Android.

Control panel for Android: Quick access the ringtone, volume and bright adjustments selector.

Quick access the personalization options using the quick settings that works like to the new Android 4.2 feature.

You can launch the quick setting with some launchers gesture:

Head to this XDA thread for download and details:

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pix source: XDA

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