Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mozilla Firefox 3.5 bug

Last week I came across a web talking about Samsung Omnia2 simulator, being curious (kepo la), I follow the link and look at this Omnia2 simulator. This is really cool, coz it showcase the UI that this Omnia2 has to offer. If I don't have the money constraint, I sure will buy it, coz I heard the hardware also quite hardcore for a ppc. While checking it, I found out the memory on my computer suddenly left very few Meg only. Using Task Manager, I found out this simulator web eat up more than 500M of the memory. No wonder the simulator so nice la, 500M of memory le.

Anyway, this week I found out some people commented Firefox 3.5 got some high memory usage issue. I also experience the same, noticed that Firefox 3.5 could easily use up a few hundreds M when surfing the net. This seldom happen on the maxthon that I use. Not sure about Chrome though, coz I seldom use it nowadays. Although Google is pushing for it, but it is still lack of the features that I found useful on Maxthon and Firefox. Today I found out a very cool add-on for Firefox which works like download manager, but really cool, I hope I will remember to share it in future post. Remind me if you haven't see me share it in 2 weeks time, okay?

Samsung Onmia2 simulator opened on Firefox 3.5 (click to open the full pix):

After closed Samsung Omnia2 simulator (click to open the full pix):

See the memory usage dropped >500M (click to open the full pix)

I just chui sui only la......

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