Wednesday, July 29, 2009

DownThemAll! - The best Firefox add-on

As promised in previous post, I will introduce the best Firefox add-on...for now (I am sure got newer and better add-ons come out everyday, hehe). But for now, this add-on suites my needs.

Introducing "DownThemAll!"

I was looking for something else when I found this add-on. Being curious I install this add-on and went to a blog that provides lots of photos. With a few clicks, this add-on is downloading the photos that I wanted, yeah! I no longer need to open/save the picture one by one. Just right click on the page that links to photos, select the file types you want to download (jpeg, png, html, mp3, you name it), and it will download them all.

DownThemAll! in action!

With this add-on, when ever you click to download a file (zip, exe, etc), Firefox will pop-up the same dialog box to as you where to save it and so on, you can choose to use DownThemAll! to download it instead of the original firefox download manager. I tried it with the snail speed Streamyx 512k line last night, usually it will take more than 10mins to download an 1M file (don't do the math, waste your time only, coz this is streamyx la), but it took less than 1/2 min! I will continue to try download from other website to see if this is consistent, heheh.


Some configuration you set for DownThemAll!, but I use the default one, and it works for me. You might want to adjust the number of download concurrently to max if you have a fast broadband, hehe.

Those people that write this add-on are part time only, please donate to them if you think it worth it. I done my part by introducing them, so I guest I don't need to donate kua? :P

p/s: you might notice the pictures are low quality, this is expected since I want to reduce the file size so that they load faster on slow connection. You just want to see see nia, need so high quality mer? :P

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