Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Create animated GIF

I use the step4 in the link (at end of this post) to create an animated gif for my WLM (window live msgr). Too bad blogspot and plurk cannot support animated gif, else I will putting the gif everywhere, heheheheh. I use GIMP as the tool, it is freeware la, so no need to pay and safe to install on your company desktop/laptop(?).

okay, back to the business:
1. Put all your photos into a dir, make sure you name it accordingly. (It should take alphebetically la)
2. Use GIMP to open first file. (GIMP=freeware, comparable to Photoshop!)
3. Open the remaining files in the dir as layers (File -> Open As Layers). All image in that dir should now as a layer.

4. Save the file as a .gif file and choose to "save as animation", not "flatten image" la.
5. If it asked for crop or not because all the layers not same size, just click "crop" la.
6. Click Export.
7. Then more options come out, make sure to check "loop forever" if you want it to always loop.
8. Change delay between frames, and check "one frame per layer", "use delay entered above for all frames" and "use disposal entered above for all frames".
9. Use your usual photos viewing software to view the gif. Or better use IE/Firefox/etc to view it to see it works per your expectation. If not as you expected, repeat No2 till 8 with some modifications.
10. Don't ask me about all the setting, you go google around yourself to find out la. :P

Adapted from http://blog.ahfr.org/2008/03/making-animated-gifs-with-free-software.html - Thanks! Although I dunno you

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~y3nch1ng~ said...

Where to download this GIMP software?

ahsiang said...

Here you go:


~y3nch1ng~ said...

This file only works in Messenger?
Will I see it looping if I upload it in my blog?

~y3nch1ng~ said...

File to big to upload in MSN la..
Can resize?

ahsiang said...

Only works in Messenger or other web that support that. I tried to upload the animate gif to blogger, but it just show up one of the frame only. What you can do is to upload it to some other website and link it from blogger to the website, but very troublesome lo......

For the file size, you can just change the resolution to smaller one. Like in my case, I limit the animate gif at 150x150 pixel only. The one you saw in my MSN is 48k nia. :)

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