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How to Renew Malaysian Passport Online

Update (Sep 4, 2013) - the online renew page has been disabled, the immigration department didn't post when it will be up.

Note 1: this post is applicable to Malaysian only.
Note 2: online renew only applicable to Malaysian that already have a passport. If you never have a Malaysian passport before, you still have to go to the office.
Note 3 (May 16, 2013): for application over the counter, Immigration Department has issued a new regulation for the photo, however the online application website didn't update the photo requirement, please contact Immigration Department before you want to apply through online. The document:

Wow, this is one of the things that I tried before my physical friends (all my FB friends are real person, ahem). I have been asking around at office these few days, no one actually have renew their Malaysian Passport online before. Most of them still go through the counters and only a few of them used the kiosk at the Immigration Office for renewing their Malaysian Passport. Therefore I want to share my experience on renewing Malaysian Passport online.

Here are the steps:
  1. Go to the official Immigration Department of Malaysia website
  2. Scroll down to the column on right hand side to look for "Application for Renewal of Passport (MyOnline Passport), click on it which will bring up a new tab/windows (browser/windows settings dependent). Since the website has been updated, ignore the first picture, focus on 2nd and 3rd pictures. On the menu right below the title, move your mouse over "ONLINE SERVICE" or "PERKHIDMATAN ATAS TALIAN", click on "MyOnline Passport".
    Renew Passport on Outdated Penang Uncle blogspot dot com
    Renew Malaysian Passport Online on Outdated Penang Uncle blogspot dot com
    Renew Malaysian Passport Online on Outdated Penang Uncle blogspot dot com
  3. The first page of the website listed out all the expectations and requirements, such as:
    • Online payment only available for credit card. Direct Debit facilities (FPX) is not available at the moment) [As of Apr 2012]
    • Passport photo requirements (bg colors, dimension, etc)
    • Other terms and conditions (fee, etc)
  4. Make sure you understand all the requirements and click "Agree" button at bottom of the page.
  5. Choose the category for above or under 18 years old, then fill-in your existing passport and Malaysian IC (identity) number. Passport type and IC category will be automatically detected by the website.
    Renew Passport on Outdated Penang Uncle blogspot dot com
  6. Click "Search" to look for your existing passport. Things that I note:
    • Passport that not going to be expire soon (few months) will not show up
    • Passport that already being renewed (old one being void by the department) will not show up as well
  7. Wait for it to load and then check all your information in there is correct. I am not showing a picture here because it is too long and too many personal info. :-)
  8. Update any info if needed and
    • choose if you want to renew for 2 years (RM100) or 5 years (RM300)
    • at which branch you want to pick up the new passport (you are not allow to change once the application being process, so be careful)
  9. Proceed to payment. If I still remember correctly, Bank Islam pages will pop up and you can fill in your credit card number. 
  10. The credit card payment processing may take a while, be patient and do not click "back" button on your browser.
  11. After payment successfully go through, you will get to this page:
    Renew Passport on Outdated Penang Uncle blogspot dot com
  12. Print the receipt and bring along to the office to pick up your new passport.
    • According to snapshot above, I can pick up the new passport at exact 2 hours after the payment go through. 
    • I am the 5th person to renew online and selected to pick up new passport at Georgetown branch. Looks like online renew is getting more popularity. :-)
  13. Go to the branch that you selected after that stated time in the receipt.
    • Take your queue number from information counter
    • Put your old passport and receipt at that passport collection counter
    • Wait for the officer to call your number after:
      • find your new passport
      • void your old passport
    • Sign on the new passport and you are done, new passport is in your hand (as well as the old passport which has been cut to void it)
I was skeptical at first, but after getting my new passport in less than 15 minutes at the Immigration Office, I strongly believe that (some) government departments are effective (include Immigration Office and Tax Office). :P

That's it, my experience with Renew Malaysian Passport Online. Hope this post can help you to go through  the process of renewing your Malaysian Passport.
Good luck!

Update: 20/2/2013 - Jabatan Imigresen's website has been updated, I am putting new pictures on where to access the online renew system.

Update: 25/2/2013 - I helped my father to renew his passport on Sunday (24/2/2013) and fetch him to the Pulau Pinang (Seberang Jaya) branch to pick his new passport. We waited for less than hour before he could get his new passport. Probably it was Monday, too many people went to apply or renew passport. However I am happy that my father is now convinced that online renew passport is very convenient. :)
He also recommended my mother to do online renew next time before her passport expire. :)

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source: This is my personal experience!

9 comments: said...

Never know that can be done online. Thank you :)

ahsiang said...

No problem MrProperty :)

Clementony said...

hey thanks for the information..i'm currently doing it through online too..but it seems they cant search for my expired passport has been expired about 1 month plus ago...

ahsiang said...

@Clementony, if I not mistaken, for renewing online, your passport has to be a few months before it expire. If it is already expire, you have to go to the immigration office to renew it. Yes, I know this is very inconvenient for those people with passport already expired, but this is their policy, we have to live with it for now.

cozuni said...

do we have to attach our IC copy or passport photo thorugh online renewal? any document copies needed?

cozuni said...

Do we hve to attach any documents through online renewal? like IC? Passprt pic?

ahsiang said...

@cozuni, the only file need to be submit online is your new passport photo. Some photography shops do offer cheaper price if we just want the CDR with the picture file, without the printed photo, you just need to ask first. :)

Unknown said...

Hi I'm living in the UAE and originally from Penang. Need to renew my passport, but what category of passport type should I select in the droplist? - Semenanjung or Internal? Would you have any advise/idea?

Many many thanks.

ahsiang said...

@Andrew Joachim, select Semenanjung. However, if you are at UEA, I wonder how do you collect your passport?

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