Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mobilism ( is back online

Mobilism ( is back online. Right now only can access it using IP address (Thanks to FuFu for providing it). However it is slow and might not work sometime. Please be patient as the people at mobilism is working hard to bring it back.

Detail at:

Update (Jan 05, 2010): It is up now!

Update (Jan 01, 2010): Lets hope mobilism is up on 2011:

Update (Dec 24, 2010): It is under construction for relaunch :) another 1d and 9h+

Update (Dec 16, 2010): It is down again :(

Update (Dec 13, 2010): It is back to normal now. :)

Update (Dec 09, 2010): oh no, it is down again. See the print screen that I captured from the mobilism main page:

Update (Dec 02, 2010): It is up now, they have moved to better servers, lets hope it will be stable for a long long time. :)

Update (Dec 01, 2010): Mobilism is down again :(
I waited for more than 5 mins, but it took forever to load on my FireFox and RockMelt. And now it is showing "A communication error occurred: "Operation timed out" on my FireFox and RockMelt. :(

Update (Nov 19, 2010): I haven't login to Mobilism for quite a while, noticed that it was down last week because of hacker's attack. It is back online now, but I have problem to post reply on it, could be my FireFox, or something else. For you all, check it out your self.

Update (Jul 26, 2010): Mobilism is back online, it can be access using

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