Monday, October 24, 2011

Windows 7 is the king now!

According to Stat Counter, Windows 7 take over the number 1 most people use OS recently. Only after 2 years it manage to take over Windows XP as the champion. Vista is just pathetic at 3rd place while Mac OS and Linux are steadily ramping up over the years. That is world wide data.

How about for Malaysia? Looks like Malaysia is ahead of the world wide that we use more Windows 7 at April of this year.

One interesting chart is for Antarctica, it is very inconsistent. The reason I can think of is that this is a no-man land, only some scientists go there. So depend on the system that those few scientists use during that time, the OS change from time to time. Example from mid of 2010 to mid of this year, it is dominant by Win7, but at July alone it is dominate by Mac OS. 

If you prefer, you can go to the interactive chart in the source link at end of this post and look for your country and region. You can even check for the market segment of web browsers and Mobile OS.

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source: Stat Counter

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