Friday, October 28, 2011

The Life and Times of Steve Jobs

Everything move so fast nowadays. Steve is in history already. You might have been reading a lot of his success on news papers, website and blogs. But how can you relate those figures? Here is a infograph for you (click on the image to see in full size):

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Adino said...

Wow I love infographics. Thanks for posting this up!

I still remember the first iMacs that came out with the cool colours. My company bought some and it was so cool, but at that time Macs and PCs really could not work well in the same network.

I suspect Apple will get along just fine, because of the legacy left behind by Mr Jobs.

ahsiang said...

@Adino, I agree with out. Steve left a line of products. However, not sure how well Apple do after these product line end.

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