Monday, January 28, 2013

[Free apps] Spy Camera OS

Okay, OS is not Operating System, it is Open Source in this case.

Ever since smartphone come with decent camera, everyone keep on snapping photos with their smartphone, either Android, iPhone, WP, BB, etc. While stock camera apps and free and paid camera apps try to make you know that you are snapping a photos by creating a camera sound. However at some cases you just want to take the photo without anyone noticing it. Okay, you can change to mute to avoid people noticing it, but the preview on the screen already tell others that you are taking a photos. So how now?

Senior member of XDA created this camera apps, called Spy Camera OS.

As you can see from the picture below, the preview is very small.
Here is what Spy Camera OS will does:
1. Automatically mute the phone when apps start -> no camera sound, it will switch back to your existing setting after you exit the apps.
2. Take video -> even though author claimed that it is still experimental, I have tried it out, and it works!
3. Take photo with black screen -> now no one will knows you are taking photos, but problem is you don't know are you aiming correctly, this should work together with auto mode. Also take photo when touch the screen during black screen.
4. Auto mode -> take photo at the period that you set (1 photo every 1 to 10 seconds).
5. Hide the photo folder -> in case you still get caught, they can't find the photo.
6. Configure photo/video size upfront -> so that you don't run out of memory or taking a photo that is too blur.
7. Configure volume buttons to take photo/video/etc -> nice!
8. Face detection auto shot -> I tried, but it didn't works on me, can't recognize my face??????
9. Save to internal or external storage -> every apps should have this setting!

What are the things Spy Camera OS that missed out:
1. burst mode
2. make the preview transparent

XDA even make a review video of this apps:

To get it, go to Google Play:

To feedback on this apps, go to this XDA forum thread:

If you are a developer and wanted to look at the code, here is the code (that's why it is Open Source):

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pix source: Spy Camera author

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