Tuesday, August 28, 2012

(Give Away) 1AVCenter: complete audio video center

This blog has been running for 3 years and 1 months but I haven't really do any give away. In fact, none. Why? Because I am a stingy Outdated Penang Uncle. Haha.

I have been scouting for my next smartphone for months but I haven't found the right one, or because I still feel like those smartphone that I like is costing too much. So I will continue using my very very outdated HTC Touch Elfin.

Anyway, it is like someone can hear me, because I was planning to run a give away on Facebook page. But the gift would be limited to Malaysian only because the gift card is for using in Malaysia only. But luck strike, Alex from pcwinsoft.com contacted me though twitter if I want to run a give away on this blog. And this is also a good luck for everyone (not limited to Malaysian) because this give away is for everyone in this planet earth, and maybe Martian that already start contacting Curiosity.

So what is 1AVCenter?

Okay, it is not the AV that Japanese used to. AV stands for Audio Video in this case.

In short:
1AVCenter is for record, broadcast and remote surveillance of any audio and/or video source on your PC. You can also share files via secure web server that come with 1AVCenter.

Lengthy version:
Here is what 1AVCenter does:

Here is 1AVCenter in action (recording screen):

Here is 1AVCenter options:

Here is how you can choose audio/video source for recording on 1AVCenter:

The screen capture is just normal, just like any other screen capture program.

So I try out the screen recording feature of 1AVCenter:

It gets 5 cows on Tucows and cost $99.95 (US dollar!) if you buy from pcwinsoft.com website. Now it is absolutely free. How?

1. Download the setup file and install it on your PC/laptop.

2. During installation it will ask for "Buy", "Register" and "Try", leave it now without any button on the windows.

3. Go to this link to register with your info and email and wait for the registration key to arrive at your inbox.

4. After you get the registration key, copy the code and go back to the installation windows, click "Register" and enter the code there.

5. Now you just register a $99.95 worth of software for free!

Enjoy your screen capture and recording. :)

Before I forget, this is basic requirement:
  • Intel 1.3GHz
  • 120MB HD
  • 256MB RAM
  • Windows 2000/XP/2003/Media Center/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • Minimum screen resolution of 800x600

Note: I am too lazy to add audio in the above youtube video, you can screen capture video and audio at same time with 1AVCenter.

Note2: I am not sure how long the give away will be, most probably until pcwinsoft.com says stop. Why not just give it a try now. :)

Note3: I am not responsible if you break your Windows/PC/laptop/car/arms and legs/wallet because of this give away. :P

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pix source: pcwinsoft.com

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