Wednesday, January 30, 2013

[Free Game] Sheep Jump 8-bit

If you are too young, you might don't know what is 8-bit. 8-bit was once rules the gaming world, where all the game are just 256-colors. No 3D, but we did enjoyed Wolfenstein 3D.

Sheep Jump is purposely made 8-bit. Have that kind of retro feel.
What Sheep Jump have to offer:
1. infinite amount playtime -> can't stop playing if you are addicted
2. endless level -> can't finish the game??????
3. unpredictable jumps -> the sheep or the player?
4. controlled physics -> who? God?
5. Global leaderboard -> I just want to enjoy this game, don't care the score at all
6. support multiple players -> you can compete with family/friends on same phone

Problems that I found on Sheep Jump:
1. you need to connect to internet to create player
2. must register in order to play
3. ads when you are connected to internet -> hate it, should ban apps with ads with any "free" name or keyword.
4. some users claimed that ads interfered with the game play.

Anyway, if you still interested, download it from Google Play:

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pix source: XDA

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