Tuesday, January 8, 2013

[Free Game] SiliBili

Your Apple fanboy friends always show off 3D games on their iPhone/iPod/iPad and you still wonder why you choose Android at first place? Don't doubt it anymore, you made the right choice. SGS2 is almost 2 years old device, but Samsung going to release Jelly Bean for it. For those that already flash with alternative ROMs, you know that SGS2 is capable of running Jelly Beans without any hiccup. Therefore, time to laugh at your friends who has to queue up at Apple store every year to buy a new device.

Here is a 3D game that you can impress the Apple fanboy:

I am too lazy to explain the game, you can read it at Google Play. Watch the featured video.

This link is to the Google Play (Lite version):
SiliBili Lite

If you are really hooked with the game, consider buying full version to support the developer.
SiliBili (Full version)

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pix source: Google Play

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