Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Download YouTube Video with JDownloader

JDownloader is a famous downloader for downloading files from file servers. Not only this, JDownloader can also works as normal download manager, meaning you can use it as replacement of FlashGet or other similar software.

JDownloader also can be use to download YouTube video. JDownloader by default will monitor clipboard for links of anything, including YouTube and file servers. Here I am trying to download a YouTube video regarding GDP.

JDownloader downloading youtube video on OutdatedPenangUncle.blogspot.com
JDownloader will analyse the link and show you all the available format. In this example, there are 360p and 720p for mp4 and Webm format. There are 240p, 360p and 480p for flv format. Flv format is the default format of YouTube, meaning usually flv is the format being downloaded by web browser if we directly watch the YouTube video on web browser. One of the advantages of JDownloader, it can tell us the file size of each file, we can pick which one is worth the time/bandwidth to download it.

Check to accept the terms of service if you are downloading YouTube video with JDownloader for first time and then click OK.
YouTube T&C on OutdatedPenangUncle.blogspot.com

Right click on any of the file (or press ctrl for multiple selection) and then click "Continue with selected link(s)". In this example I am downloading mp3, but the file listed there is not .mp3. Next picture will show you why.
download mp3 from YouTube with JDownloader on OutdatedPenangUncle.blogspot.com

After download .tmp, JDownloader convert it to mp3, automatically.
Direct convert to mp3 with JDownloader on Oudated Penang Uncle blogspot dot com

The mp4 and mp3 that downloaded from YouTube using JDownloader. Simple right?
The downloaded mp4 and mp3 with JDownloader on Oudated Penang Uncle blogspot dot com

Of source any software also has it's disadvantages. First one is it need Java to be working. There is no way to get around without installing Java. Or maybe you can look for portable Java. Because of it is in Java, it available for Windows, Linux, Mac, and any other OS that can support Java.
Another one is when we copy a YouTube link into it, it will take some time to finish the analysis. It took me about 30 seconds or more for the example showed in pictures above. This is something a lot of users find that quite annoying because it is too slow. The reason why it is slow is because it get all the information of the files,  not only the video encoding type, the audio type also being listed there.

Okay, the JDownloader links:
Even though I like portable apps, don't bother to use portable version of JDownloader, because it update too often that using portable version is making no-sense.

To install Java:

Happy downloading.

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