Sunday, March 10, 2013

They Know What You Watching

We might have watched some crappy youtube video which was recommended by a friend, or a youtube link on Facebook, or recommended by youtube, or just a random video showed by youtube. We might have thought that no body would know about it.


As long as you are login to google account on any of the browser and whatever youtube video that you watched is being recorded in the history of your youtube account.

What's wrong with it? No body going to check the history, you might thought.


What if you borrow your computer or laptop to your family or friends or your children?
What if your friend need to use your Android or iPhone or WP or BB or whatever to check their emails or twitter or something else.
By chance they might have open up an youtube video that their friends shared with them and then they click on your youtube history.

Anyway, I might have sound too paranoid, most of the people watched what most of the people watch on youtube. So life goes on. Or is it?

Your choice after all.

Last week one of my external harddisk crashed, all the youtube video that I downloaded for my kids are gone. I have tried recuva and testdisk, I even run testdisk on Linux (boot from USB), too bad unable to fix it. I managed to recover some of them using photorec, but problem with photorec is it does not copy the files into the same file name, they are just some numbers, which was very frustrated.

So I go back to youtube history, look for the videos that I watched, and download again the videos that my kids like to watch, include PSY Oppa Gangnam Style. They still like it, what can you do?

To check your youtube history:
  1. Open the youtube if you haven't open it
  2. Click on your username, on top right side. A list of boxes show up, such as favorites, Watch Later, Likes, History, and your channels.
  3. Click on History and you can find all videos that you watched and you might find some of them that you think you never watch, but you did. HAHAHA.
  4. There is an option to delete all of the history or pick some of them and remove them.

Summary, it is very easy to find out what you have watched on youtube. Unless you always use Incognito on Chrome or InPrivate on IE8, or some other private mode on other browsers which is very unlikely.

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