Saturday, January 7, 2012

How to Fix Cannot Install Apps on Chrome Problem

Recently I wanted to install JoliCloud on Chrome, so I go to the JoliCloud page on Chrome Web Store, and click the "+ ADD TO CHROME" button, the button changed to "CHECKING..." and there is a pop-up asking for confirmation, I clicked on "Install" button to proceed. However nothing happen after I clicked the "Install" button. I keep on waiting and waiting and waiting for quite a while. So I quite the page and try again, and it showed that "+ ADD TO CHROME" again, meaning the apps was not being installed. How could this happen?

So I go to ask Google, and after some trial and error on a few solutions being offered by nice people out there, finally I found the solution and it is very easy.

The solution:
1. Go to My Documents.
2. Create a new folder or directory called "Downloads" (without the double quote).
3. Go back Chrome to install apps, you should able to install apps now. :-)

No restart PC/Windows is needed. I have confirmed this again by removing the "Downloads" directory and I cannot install apps on Chrome again.

This solution is for Windows (XP until 7) only, I am not yet confirm for Mac.

When the Downloads folder is missing from My Documents, it keep on waiting for the folder to be created. As soon as the folder being created, it can proceed. I checked on the folder during downloading the crx (Chrome apps file format), the crx has to be downloaded into the Downloads before being install into Chrome and the crx will be remove after installation completed.
Obviously this is something that Google Chrome engineers should fix it in seconds. 

If you have move to another PC, to check what apps you have added previously on Chrome (provided you login using google account on Chrome on older PC), you can do this on your Chrome on new PC:
1. Start a new tab
2. Switch the Apps if you always using "Most visited"
3. Click on Chrome Web Store
4. On top right, click on the setting button next to your google login name (usually an email).
5. Click "Your Apps"
I found out on old PC I installed some Chrome apps that I never use or just use once right after I installed them. :P

p/s: I removed that Downloads folder at first place during hard disk clean up, thinking that this folder have no use since I changed Chrome default download folder to somewhere else.

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