Friday, January 20, 2012

Mashup Video - Queen and Beatles

What do Queen and Beatles have in common? Yes, they are famous people, but what else?
Both of them sang "Fat Bottomed Girls Come Together" before. But did they sing it together physically? No. But how did they have this video?
This video is made by a Dutch mashup artist, MadMixMustang. He not only mix the video, he also blended the sounds, which sounds like both Queen and Beatles are singing the song together.

Watch the video:

Nice? You also can do it. Find out the tools/scripts/software that you need to do this at:

I got my solution on how to extract mkv from this website as well.

Btw, the mp3 of this video is available freely from MadMixMustang website:

Lastly, the website:

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source: I wrote this. Video is from YouTube.

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