Monday, January 2, 2012

Replace PhotoShop with PhotoCap

I would think PhotoCap can replace PhotoShop for personal usage and/or family usage. Normally we don't need super special features that being use by professional. Features that we usually use are layers and filters, lighting or exposure, or maybe just red eye remover.

PhotoCap is like the primary level of PhotoShop, all basic functions of PhotoShop are available on PhotoCap. I did try PhotoShop on my computer last year, but at the end it just waste the time to download, install and use it. I go back to GIMP, or most of the time I just use Irfanview if no fancy editing is required.

PhotoCap also can use for:
  1. Print large image to multiple pages [I wrote this similar tutorial before, but now I can use PhotoCap to deal with it]
  2. Double sided printing: help you to align the pictures/images, for double sided name card or poker cards
  3. Create collage: collection of photos
  4. Add frame
  5. Create your own frames.
  6. Create puzzles
  7. Create texture from photos
  8. Create template, and use it
  9. Create photobook
  10. Create poker cards: import 52 pictures and you have your new set of poker cards.
  11. Create name card, including double sided name card
  12. Create greeting cards
etc etc......

PhotoCap also can do tasks in bulk:

  1. resize photos
  2. rename photos
  3. change date on photos' exif [I had a similar post, but using other software]
  4. convert to another file type
  5. add frame in bulk

etc etc....

PhotoCap is free for personal use or for educational usage. It will cost 1000 Taiwan Dollars or about US$33 (at exchange rate on Jan 1, 2012) for commercial usage. It still consider super cheap compare to Photoshop CS5 that selling at US$650 on Amazon.

Supported Windows version: Windows XP to Windows 7 (including 64 bits), not supporting Windows 98/ME

To download full version, go to link below for different languages (multiple link available, choose either one will do:

Traditional Chinese [正體中文版]







PC Home 下載
Simplify Chinese [简体中文版]







PC Home 下载






Download from

PC Home 
The setup file is 13.6MB, but main execution file is 1.9MB only, the rest are plug-ins or add-ons.

Consider donate to help the development of PhotoCap:

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source: I wrote and also translate some from PhotoCap website.

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