Friday, March 11, 2011

Thank you!

Wow, a BIG "thank you" to you all for keep on coming back to my blog. Now I have over 20k pageview [according to blogger] and over 10k clicks [according to sitemeter].

I was at 15k pageview on Dec last year:

And 10k pageview on Nov last year:

Looks like it is slowing down this year. This is because I got a lot of hit on mobilism post, the website was having problem and cannot be access. At that time very few website/blog write about this, and googling mobilism will show up my post at top 10 result. But now not anymore, a lot of websites is hosting pages/posts regarding the same issue even mobilism is up now, and google result no longer show my posts in first page. Too bad. This is because this blog still PR0, but I am glad that I still having you all visiting my blog again and again! :D

The mobilism post that I wrote:
Mobilism is down!
Mobilism is back online!

Thank you again!

Hope you will enjoy this post, follow me on blogger and/or twitter. :)


Jayce said...

My blog traffic is going down hill too. Thinking hard to bring it up again. Good luck to you too. ^_^

ahsiang said...

@Jayce, thanks. Good luck to you!

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