Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Task Manager using MS Excel

MS Excel can do lots of amazing things beside drawing beautiful charts. Didier Stevens wrote a macro script to make excel become a Task Manager.

After download the zip file, unzip the file and open it with MS Excel. Depend on your excel setting, but usually it will have a security warning saying "Macros have been disabled". You have to turn the macro on, otherwise nothing will happen when you press any of the button on this excel file. To enable this macro, click the "Options" button next to the "Macros have been disabled" msg, another windows pop-up and give two options, select "Enable this content" and click OK.

Click "List processes" button, and you can start to see the macro listed out the processes running on your laptop/computer.

I like the suspend and resume function, because I use suspend and resume processes a lot on UNIX/LINUX. It is good when you want to debug something and/or just the the process to stop for a while but you don't want to kill it. Of course we can change the priority using the default task manager that come with windows, but sometime it if not effective.

To suspend a process, put a "s" on Command column next to the process and then click "Execute commands". To resume back a suspended process, put a "r" on the same box and then click "Execute commands" again.

Download version 0.3 here:

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Source and picture source: didierstevens.com

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