Saturday, March 5, 2011

What is Problem Steps Recorder?

A picture is worth a thousand words. This is always true and cannot be more true. :D
Say what if you have software or hardware problem on your Windows 7 system but the more you explain, the audience just could not understand what you mean. The audience could be your IT guy, or your buddy, or your bf/gf/family who trying to help from other end but just could not understand your problem.

You can either make a video of it, but it might be too complicated for most of the people. And you need to find a software for that. So how?

Fear not, Windows 7 now come with a tool call "Problem Steps Recorder" (I call it PSR from now on).

So whenever you have a problem, launch the PSR. [Windows start button then type "PSR" in the "Search programs and files" box, next select psr.exe or "Record steps to reproduce a problem"]

When the tool appears (image showed above), click "Start Record". It might advise you to run it as administrator, just click okay to proceed. [use it in case you have problem recording program that run with administrator permission. Personally I haven't find any problem by not running with administrator. ]

Now start reproducing the problem you have. PSR will record each of the click you performed. You will notice there is a small red dot blink whenever you click.
Click "Stop Record" when you are done. It will ask where do you want to keep the zip file, select your path and file name and then click OK. The zip file actually contains the .mht file.

To review your .mht file, unzip it and double click it, your browser should be able to view the file. You can see the snapshot (print screen) of the clicks you performed. Click on the picture will bring up bigger picture.
There is a text box below that recorded additional details of the clicks.

PSR is very useful for training. If you have to show/train people on a software or task, you can use PSR to record the steps and share it to whoever that wanted to know. Ask the person to get back to you only if they still have question. If your PSR is detail enough, I think you can saved a lot of time from showing/train/explain the same thing to different person.

More info here: [link]

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