Friday, March 4, 2011

What is still missing from iPad2?

Okay, you might seen this video being sent to you by your friends/co-worker/brothers/sisters/family/neighbor/strangers ( :P ).
So what is still missing from iPad2?

1. SD card slot!

Mmm..... why Steve didn't listen to me? I need a SD card slot on the god damn iPad2! Even Sony have to give up on their memory stick and go to SD for their latest digital camera. So if I have a SLR, I have to copy the photos to my laptop/mac and then transfer it to the iPad/iPad2? 2 Steps!

2. 4G
High tech gadget without latest connectivity? I have to hook it up to external dongle or something to do 4G. Steve, are you keeping it for iPad3?

3. Dependency to iTune
Why Steve why do I have to hook it up to iTune to do update? Why if I don't have a laptop/mac/pc/desktop? Learn from Android Steve my good man.

4. Gorilla glass
Do you know that you wouldn't get a scratch if you hammer the screen of Samsung Galaxy Tab? Why you don't have it on iPad2 Steve? Why? The smart pad looks lame btw.
Learn more about gorilla glass here.

5. Retina screen
You have it on iPhone4, why not on iPad2? Steve, do you keep it for iPad3?

6. Screen resolution
No upgrade from iPad1, so you still get 9.7-inch, 1024×768 pixels. Lame!

But why iPad still a success and I think iPad2 still a big time for this year, why? Because the apps. Admit it, without the cool apps, iPhone and iPad just a lame product. :D

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