Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Away from this blog

I will be away from this blog from July 28 to Aug 3, taking some time off from work and blogging. Not really go for vacation (example Bali), but still will be out of town and with minimum connectivity to internet. If still connected all the time, then it is not really a vacation right? :)
But anyway, if I can get some free Wifi connection, probably will login to twitter and Facebook, but not blogger, coz blogger is not friendly to smartphone.

I will still have new posting everyday, because I have already wrote them, or to be exact, copy and paste from somewhere. :P Here is how to post blog post in later date and time:

Beside some posts that I copy and paste from somewhere, I will have a post tomorrow that explain how I speed up my blog loading time, also a useful software posting on Friday.

Hope you will enjoy this post, subscribe to my RSS or mailing list or follow me on blogger or twitter. :)
source: I wrote this!


Kelvin said...

Sooo good~~~i also want a vacation.

Mister Leaf said...

Still in town? But not blogging?

ahsiang said...

@Kelvin, you can also go vacation. Come to Penang. :)

@Anh_Sau, I have updated your link.

@Mister Leaf, I only at town on Jul 27 and 28, then I go to JB, didn't bring my laptop.

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