Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Audials Radiotracker 8 Standard free for another 12 hours - expired

Give Away of The Day dot com is giving out Audials Radiotracker 8 standard for free for another 12 hours this post being posted. So be fast, head to this link below, download, install and activate it before it expire! Remember you have to install and activate it before the expire time! Else just pay for it ($39.90). :P


Here is what is told by the company that made "Audials Radiotracker":
Audials Radiotracker’s groundbreaking technology automatically downloads your songs in less than a minute, making it the most popular, the most decorated and the absolute best-selling web radio software in online and retail outlets in the process. No subscription, no hidden fees, just music edited perfectly in music shop quality and, due to free and legal real-time recordings of Internet radio stations, there’s no copy protection!
The Audials Radiotracker player allows you to listen to web radio stations, play music, burn CDs/DVDs or transfer files to an MP3 player. Audials Radiotracker also finds ID3 tags, CD artwork and lyrics and allows you to easily organize and manage your collection. The generator for cell phone ringtones lets you create ringtones for your cell phone from downloaded music for free.

Note: internet connection required for activation.

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Kelvin said...

Wow, thanks for the link!

ahsiang said...

@Kelvin, you are welcome :)

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