Thursday, July 28, 2011

How do I speed up my blog loading time

If you have noticed, this blog has been loading very slow since few weeks ago. And some of the people come to this blog just leave because it is taking forever to load! (Actually it took more than 20 seconds for some text to appear, that is very very slow for time like this). However I have found the problematic code that causing the slowness. Now it should be loading fine. :)

Here is what happen:
1. Start notice loading of this blog become very slow on beginning of Jul 2011.
2. Suspect streamyx issue, check out on other networks, but still slow.
3. Tried IE (super slow as usual), Maxthon, Chrome, Firefox, RockMelt and Safari, this blog still loading slow on all  these browsers. So this is not browser problem.
4. Moved "Stop Child Abuse" and "STOP LYNAS!" to a page called Community service, still slow, but keeping these in one page is good, makes this blog looks cleaner.
5. Moved cbox, shoutbox, weibo to another page, but still slow.
6. Have a thought of might be the pages listed below the header, so moved them to end of posting, not helping, so move it back to under the header.
7. I google around and found Yahoo! YSlow add on for FireFox and Chrome, installed the add-on on Chrome, check out the this blog, found some possible problems, but couldn't do much because some of the widget on my blog is default from blogger.
8. Then I found Pingdom Tool, this website can show me the loading time of each java script, page, and image. And from this tool that I found where is the problem. It is actually some link website by yahoo previously and with the website down, all browser that trying to load my blog will wait for it until time out for about 20 to 30 seconds. After remove that code, my blog loading time go back to normal.

This is the pingdom result before I remove the problematic code:
 This is after, the loading time is reduced to less than 10 seconds.

This is the history of each test, there was a 3.66 seconds that before problematic code being remove, I think that is incorrect, probably the test did not finish. Anyway, you can see on 19 Jul, the loading time reduced to less than 10 seconds.
That is the best website tool I ever encounter, you can also use it to debug your blog/website. :)

Okay, so now you no longer have to wait for a long time for this blog to load. Enjoy!

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source: I wrote this!


All Thing Viral said...

widget is my source of slow loading,i need to find solution to rearrange or reduce some of them

any idea pls contribute

ahsiang said...

@Tanakwagu, use the pingdom tool that I mentioned in this post, it will show you which widget is loading too slow. :)

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