Saturday, November 19, 2011

Motorola Droid RAZR Teardown

How can this blog complete without any teardown? I haven't post any teardown this month, so let's do it on this weekend. :)

Motorola DROID Razr, is also know as DROID HD, is a new release from Motorola. It supports GSM/CDMA/HSDPA/HSUPA/EV-DO/LTE/WiFi b/g/n, meaning it is a world phone, you can use in most of the countries in this world, except North Korea. :P

Okay, cut the crap and see the teardown yourself here:

Or if you prefer, go directly to ifixit website at link below:
Motorola Droid RAZR Teardown at iFixit.

And if you like to see the spec of this phone, go to gmsarena:
Motorola DROID RAZR spec at gsmarena

Have a nice weekend. :)

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source: ifixit

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