Monday, November 7, 2011

QR Code Reader for PC

What is QR Code? QR code is a 2D barcode that represent information like websites and contact info. The 1D   barcode is the usual barcode that we see on most of the food product. That contains numbers only. So to store more information such as links, QR code being invented. Usually we can see QR code reader on Android phone (Barcode Scanner App) and iPhone (QR Reader for iPhone). It is very rare to find QR code reader for PC, it is because QR code reader require a camera, which some PC don't have a web cam. And we don't usually carry laptop around just to read the QR code.

With more and more websites and companies use QR code for their posters or promotional flyer, PC user with no smartphone (Android and iPhone) felt like being left out. Luckily I found a software that will help PC users to read the QR code, without the need of camera or webcam.

QuickMark QR Code Reader for PC is the software that I am talking about. Not only QR code, it can also read many popular 2D and 1D barcode format, using webcam, drag and drop, and screen capture.

This software also can create 2D barcode for you. This is OutdatedPenangUncle 2D barcode that I created previously, you can try it to use this barcode reader to read this barcode.

This QuickMark also available for Windows Mobile, which is very surprise for me, no one would support Windows Mobile platform nowadays. The company even compiled their code for different screen size resolution!

Of course, iPhone and Android are supported as well. Samsung Bada OS and Symbian S60 also supported.
To find out the suitable setup file for your device, go to this link below:

Also available for Chrome browser extension:

update: I forgot to mention, you can also drag and drop for this software. Meaning if you see a QR code image, you can just drag and drop it into the box of this software to decode it. 

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source: I wrote this!


Mister Leaf said...

good info, can i translate it and write in my blog?

ahsiang said...

@Mister Leaf, sure you can use it. Please mention the source ya. :)

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