Saturday, December 10, 2011

Angry Birds party!

I can't wait to post this until next week, so I just post this even I have already posted the Angry Birds movie just few hours ago.

Thanks to Intel AppUp, few months ago, I got my Angry Birds Rio for Windows for free! Now it is updated to 1.4.0. For those that also got this free offer or those that pay USD $4.99, please open up your IntelAppUp and then go to "My Apps" and look for the update if you have not done so.

Angry Birds Rio at

3 new levels! (all 3 columns from right)
Angry Birds Rio at

On another note, Angry Birds Chrome also have a Christmas party. For the first time, Angry Birds Chrome is offering Angry Birds Season.

Angry Birds Chrome Season on

Thing to note is we have to login using google account in order to play Angry Birds Season on Chrome. This also mean need to be connected to intenet to play it. However there is no need to login to play Level 1 and Level 2.

Angry Birds Chrome Season on

For those that installing Angry Birds Chrome for first time, please wait for a moment for Angry Birds to download and install, especially those with slower connection.

Angry Birds Chrome Season on

Have a blasting weekend!

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