Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Nexus - everything you need to know

Usually I will post the phone review before the teardown, but for this Samsung Galaxy Nexus, I do it the other way this time. I have posted the teardown few days ago. Actually I don't really do the review. What I did was grep some video from youtube and website. That's is called research, my teacher told me. I would hope that I have the chance to do some review on my own. Telco or smartphone.tablet maker's marketing guys (and ladies), do contact me for smartphone/tablet review. :)

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Unboxing, which was not done by Mr Miniman, so it was a bit lame. You can skip it. :P

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Hardware Tour, which was not done by Mr Miniman as well. But this one is less lame compare with unboxing video above. You should spend bit of time to watch it.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus First Boot and some GUI intro, not done by Mr Miniman as well. sigh.

Jump to 3.:30 if you don't want to see the login to google.
Jump to 5:00 if you want to look at the widgets directly.

Side by side comparison of Samsung Galaxy Nexus and iPhone 4S. iPhone 4S looks very small!

Mr Miniman do this video personally, yeah!
Jump to 6:49 if you want to see the browser comparison.
Jump to 10:00 if you want to see how iPhone 4S looks terrible on playing youtube video. ;-)
Jump to 12:30 if you want to see how iPhone 4S's screen looks terrible again on showing pictures. ;-)
Jump to 14:00 if you want to see Galaxy Nexus slower loading a racing game apps, but start the game a it faster.

More browser speed test. This time include Samsung Galaxy S 2.

Time 0 to 4:30 is just demo of browser on Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Some special features of the browser.
Jump to 4:41 to see side by side browser comparison of iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus vs Samsung Galaxy S 2.
Jump to 6:02, I like the auto text wrap on Samsung Galaxy S 2.
Jump to 7:25 for youtube playback performance.
Jump to 8:20 to see youtube playback error on iPhone 4S! ;-)

Here is an ads from Google that selling the new features available on Android 4.0.

In summary, there will be some pros and cons on each smartphone. At end of day, it is the one that satisfy your need and also meeting the budget. Happy shopping!

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source: videos by pocketnow.com

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