Sunday, December 18, 2011

PS Vita unboxing

If you follow Engadget and other tech websites, PS Vita might have been mentioned and being demo at some gadget shows. An gadget website at HongKong managed to get hold on a PS Vita (Jap version) and played an Romance of Three Kingdom game.

Need translation? [my opinion is in square bracket]

Time 1:19 - Back side of PS Vita has lots of small icon consist of the symbol of PS (The square, triangle, cross and circle)
Time 1:27 - Camera
Time 1:37 - The gadget looks huge, but the weight feels relatively lighter. Build quality feels good.
Time 1:49 - the buttons are smaller than PSP
Time 2:03 - power button next to the card slot
Time 2:25 - this PS Vita has been changed to display Chinese characters.
Time 2:29 - the time of this unboxing video is 3:36pm, Dec 16.
Time 2:42 - the interface, nice!
Time 3:08 - demo of game [the game is in Japanese]
Time 4:25 - can use the touch screen
Time 4:45 - [some pages of the game cannot be operate by touch screen, not fully touch screen yet, still need the buttons to operate]
Time 5:00 - the color is very nice
Time 6:20 - home button take you all the way to the begin screen of the game and then to home screen
Time 6:32 - the game card slot [looks like SD card, except it is curve at top]
Time 7:03 - right hand side is a normal SD card
Time 7:12 - not sure of the function of this socket
Time 7:26 - socket for charging
Time 7:30 - socket for earphone
Time 7:38 - socket for 3G dongle. This model is a wifi model only, so no 3G dongle inserted here.
Time 7:53 - Lets look at the package of games. Smaller than DVD, BD box.
Time 8:11 - Left side is some menu or brouchers, right side is the slot for the game card.
Time 8:23 - Cable for charging. One side of it doesn't match with other products in the market at the moment.

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