Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Teardown

How can this blog miss out any teardown? So here it is, the first teardown in this month on this blog.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus is released on last month (Nov 2011). Instead of Gorilla glass that being use on Galaxy S 2, oleophobic being use, I wonder why they choose it. Another cons is lower resolution of the front and back camera. 5MP and 1.3MP vs 8MP and 2MP on Galaxy S 2. Also no slot of external memory card.
Beside that, everything else is pretty much same like Galaxy S 2, except the screen is 4.65 inches with 720x1280. Galaxy S 2's screen only have 4.3 inches with 480x800. It also support NFC.

So here is the teardown:

If you prefer to read it on iFixIt website, here is the link:
Samsung Galaxy Nexus Teardown at iFixIt

The see the spec in detail, you can go to gsmarena:

For comparison between Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S 2, also refer to gsmarena:
Galaxy Nexus vs Galaxy S2 in gsmarena

Galaxy S 2 teardown also being posted in this blog:

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source: iFixit!

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