Thursday, December 22, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Note - a crossover of smartphone and tablet

I saw this "thing" at Kuala Lumpur last month at some Samsung roadshow. It was a bit sluggish when I tried it. The sales person forgot or don't know how to kill background apps to give the best out of Android. Anyway, I know that it should be powerful enough to meet some expectation.

If you call it a smartphone, it is too huge.
If you call it a tablet, it is too small.
So I would call it crossover of smartphone and tablet. This concept is very popular these few years in automotive industry (crossover of sedan and SVU/offroad).

To see the hardware spec, I always go to the old and fateful

When comparing with Samsung Galaxy S 2, there only a few things that different between these 2 phones, everything else are pretty much the same. It is like Ford Focus hatchback and Ford Focus sedan. :-)
What are the different?
1. The screen, which is very obvious; 5.3 inches vs 4.3 inches; 800x1280 vs 480x800
2. Processor a bit faster; 1.4GHz vs 1.2GHz.
3. Stylus [stylus was very popular during Windows Mobile time, because everything on touch screen back then was super tiny!]

What are the best ones among the good ones on both phone?
Gorilla Glass! , Dual core processors and support external microSD cards.

Link to comparison on gsmarena:

Smartphone review without video is a NO NO. So after some "research", here are some review video from

Samsung Galaxy Note Unboxing

Jump to 2:05 to skip the stuffs that come with the box.
Jump to 2:30 to see the stylus in action.
Jump to 3:13 to see how tiny other smartphones compare to Samsung Galaxy Note.

Samsung Galaxy Note Hardware Review

Jump to 3:40 to see the speed benchmark.

Samsung Galaxy Note Software Review (15 mins of video!)

Jump to 4:48 to see note can be taken at any apps.
Jump to 5:58 to see DLNA in action.
Jump to 7:00 to see more stylus action.

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video source:

p/s: yes, this post is way too late since SGN being announced, this is!

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