Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fake Name Generator

You found a strange website, it looks legit but somehow deep down inside you know something is not right. However you already spent hours looking for something similar, you don't want to waste the time. One more thing is you need to register in order to get the info. So what would you do? Proceed with your info and credit card information?

Fake Name Generator is a website that generate fake identify that can be use to register on the mentioned suspicious website. Beside fake name, this website also include stuffs like this [my comment in square bracket]:
  • Phone number [not useful if the suspicious website need to send a code through sms to the phone]
  • Website [okay, this looks like selling link]
  • Email address [Fake Name Generator claimed that the email is a real email address, you just need to activate it, this is useful because most website need you to validate the email via clicking a link that the website send to the email you use to register]
  • User name and password [useful]
  • Mother's maiden name [useful, maybe?]
  • Birthday [useful]
  • VISA/MasterCard, expire date and CVV2 [not sure how legit is this, I didn't validate it]
  • Occupation, company, vehicle, blood type [huh?]
  • Weight and height [errr.......]
  • Geo (GPS) coordinate [who would need this for registration???!!!]
You also can control the gender, race, and country of the fake name you want to generate.
For race, there are a few that are very interesting such as hobbit and ninja. As for country, it is limited to America, Europe, and Australia and NZ.

In advanced setting, there are option to choose the % of gender of male vs female. Example, you can choose a fake ID with 20% male and 80% female. Another advanced option is to choose the age group of the fake ID.

If you want to save the fake ID, you need sign in using google account.

Please note that this should be not use for any illegal activities. I will not responsible if you break any laws or regulation because of this post. :P

The Fake Name Generator website:

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